Stop Wasting Time
Collecting Borrower Information
Supercharge your loan origination process with our powerful LendApp™ platform. Easily capture borrower information (Form 1919, etc.), manage documents, and track progress using LendUX's interview-style digital application.
Frustrated with your origination process?
Time-consuming application process.
Slow borrower response times.
Errors from manual data entry.
LendApp™ is Your Solution
LendUX's LendApp™ platform boosts productivity and reduces errors by automating manual data entry and digital exports. Borrowers enjoy a faster, more accurate experience, resulting in reduced loan processing and closing times. Ultimately, this translates to closing more loans and increasing revenue. Click here to learn more about LendApp™.
Who is LendUX?
LendUX is based on the technology platform that Reliant Business Valuation built during the COVID-19 pandemic to automate almost $1B in PPP loans for community banks ( With overwhelming outreach from our community bank partners, we were asked to expand our PPP platform to create a full small SBA loan automation platform so community banks could lend to their local customer base while supporting the development and growth of minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs from underserved communities.
years of SBA experience
Automated PPP Applications